In an era of increased competition for project work and the budgetary resources to fund it, private industry, public agencies, and the consultants who support them face a profound challenge.  Projects and processes must perform better than ever—and cost less.

Bremmer Consulting LLC uses SAVE International’s methodology to facilitate value analysis and marketing in the built environment—helping public agencies and environmental, design, and construction professionals improve their projects through enhanced performance and reduced costs.

BCLLC brings a unique combination of experience with the multidisciplinary project process—from planning and environmental permitting to architecture, engineering, and project delivery—and the project management approaches that make it successful.

Services Summary

BCLLC provides project and process optimization through the following services:

  • Facilitation of Value Analysis (VA), Value Engineering (VE), and Value Management (VM) Studies by a Certified Value Specialist (CVS)
  • Professional Services Marketing in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) and Environmental Consulting Industry
  • Training and Education: SAVE International Classes and BCLLC’s Champion Proposals® Series
  • Facilitation of Strategic and Marketing Planning, Project Planning, Process Improvement, and Procedure Design
  • Project and Site Photography
  • Value Engineering Value Analysis VE Analysis Certified Value Specialist Module I Workshop CVS

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