AEC Marketing

Winning Work in Today’s Market

In today’s market, project management excellence and technical innovation are expected from architects, engineers, environmental consultants, and construction professionals.  You and your peers deliver on this every day.  It’s what makes the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry respected and proud—and what makes it challenging for AEC clients to select the right consultants for their projects.
In the stacks of proposals and parades of interviews they face, will your firm stand out?  Will the client believe that your team is the one to solve their problems?  The decision will be made from a complex array of objective and subjective judgments.  BCLLC will help you to navigate the pre-proposal, proposal, and interview process and to convey the value you bring—to make the prospective client’s decision easy.

AEC Marketing Services

BCLLC’s Anna Bremmer has provided AEC marketing since 1991, with notable accomplishments in the areas of proposal writing, win rate improvement, and graphic identity implementation.  BCLLC offers a variety of marketing services to its AEC clients, including:

  • Developing marketing plans and strategies.
  • Facilitating client pursuit, project analysis, and proposal strategy.
  • Providing proposal management, writing, graphics, and sub-consultant coordination for traditional and SF330 submittals.
  • Coaching, facilitating, and developing support materials for project interviews.
  • Facilitating branding and identity initiatives and coordinating with graphic designers.
  • Implementing branding and identity via developing graphic standards and templates designed for efficiency and readability.
  • Providing training using BCLLC’s  Champion Proposals™ series for proposal development, SF330 preparation, presentations, photography, and template usage.
  • Providing environmental and project site photography.

Approach to Marketing Professional Services

BCLLC supports the in-house business development and marketing staffs of engineering, environmental consulting, and construction firms.  When there are more high-priority proposals on the horizon than resources to complete them, there may not be a “no-go” option.  Some proposal efforts require strategic-level expertise and writing capabilities not currently available in-house.  Other efforts may require the development of benefits-oriented boilerplate text, resumes, and project descriptions—or updating these materials when there hasn’t been time.

BCLLC can act as an extension of your marketing team—collaborating with them, completing parts of proposals for them, or independently completing proposals, so that internal marketing staff can focus on other important tasks.

BCLLC brings the flexibility and skills to quickly learn and work within your established graphic identity and marketing information systems.  Through nearly two decades of work in these areas, BCLLC brings  a high level of respect for the marketing efforts that have taken your firm to where it is today—and an intrinsic understanding of the importance of maintaining consistency with your firm’s look and feel.

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