Project Photography

It takes the right images to convey a message of credibility, professionalism, and expertise.  Low-quality snapshots of project elements and personnel can actually undermine proposals and other marketing materials.  In the built environment, there is a fine balance between simply capturing project images and using the right composition and technical photographic quality to make a positive visual impact.

There are vast numbers of professional photographers available to capture stunning architectural images of projects—but few of these images capture the “nitty gritty” fieldwork that goes into project work.  Showing your staff at work in the field brings projects to life.  Having a photographer who is willing to put on a hard hat and boots can offer an intimate look into what your firm actually does.

BCLLC offers project and site photography that does just that—and captures images that are relevant to specific proposals. In addition to many of the photographs used throughout this site, you can see Anna Bremmer’s portfolio at

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