Anna M. Bremmer, CVS, LEED AP

Since 1990, Anna Bremmer has facilitated marketing, project management analysis, and value analysis for environmental consulting, transportation and land-use planning, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, architecture, general contracting, construction management, and dispute resolution.

Anna’s experience has included developing construction management technical approaches and schedules. She has analyzed infrastructure projects; performed cost and damages calculations; analyzed schedules to determine delay causation using critical path method (CPM); and analyzed project management in the context of the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

This has given her a comprehensive understanding of the multidisciplinary project process—from planning and environmental permitting to architecture, engineering, and project delivery—and the project management approaches that make it successful. Anna’s collaborative nature, enthusiastic leadership, and balance of big-picture focus with attention to detail result in high-quality value analysis facilitation and documentation.

Anna earned SAVE International’s designation of its highest level of competency, becoming a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) in 2011, making her one of 235 active CVSs in the United States. She earned her U.S. Green Building Council Professional Accreditation in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED AP) in 2005. Anna earned a bachelor of science in business administration with a marketing major and journalism minor from Oregon State University in 1989.

See Anna’s resume, which provides detailed information about her VA project work.


SAVE International Facilitator Certification

The SAVE International value methodology is most effectively applied by SAVE-certified value professionals who have received formal training and certification. The importance of certification cannot be overemphasized, as the methodology is standardized and has specific techniques that must be applied. The highest level of competency is the Certified Value Specialist (CVS), which recognizes individuals who have met rigorous certification requirements—for both technical expertise and experience, and whose principal career is value engineering. In July 2010, there were only 1,095 CVSs in the world.

International Association of Facilitators Certification

In the past two decades, meeting facilitation has become a profession it its own right, complete with standards of practice. As stated above, good facilitation skills are fundamental to successful VM studies. With over 1,500 members in 63 countries, the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) is one of two internationally recognized facilitator certification organizations—with a rigorous, standardized process to become a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF). Anna is working toward becoming CPF, which she anticipates in 2015. She attended the IAF 2011 North America Conference, completing Zenergy’s Facilitation Master Class. The IAF North America conference covers a broad range of techniques, tools, and trends in achieving excellence in facilitation.

In 2010, Anna completed the Leadership Strategies Institute’s 40-hour training course—the Effective Facilitator, which teaches proficiency in The 10 Facilitation Principles. This is the 1st Course Accredited for Covering the International Institute for Facilitation’s 30 Certified Master Facilitator™ Competencies required for facilitator certification.

USGBC LEED Accreditation

Recognizing the critical importance of sustainability in the built environment, Anna earned her LEED professional accreditation in 2005. She continues to stay apprised of the LEED project certification program and is familiar with LEED v3, launched in 2009, and its application to projects.

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