“Ms. Bremmer is very well organized and conducts a superb workshop. She has effective VE proposal forms that are easy for the team members to understand and use—and, most importantly, she builds the teamwork needed to identify and develop value-focused proposals for the project.”

—Richard E. Steele PE, LEED AP
Vice President, CDM Smith
(303) 204-6350, steelere@cdmsmith.com
(Richard has participated in or led over 100 value studies since 1989)

“Anna Bremmer has been a great resource for us, here at Taylor Associates.  She has taken us where we need to be in terms of the content and aesthetics our marketing documents.  Most importantly, she facilitates sound strategies for project pursuits and ‘go/no-go’ decisions alike.  When she leads our proposals, the win rate has averaged over 80 percent!  Anna helps us articulate our expertise, passion, and commitment to the success of our clients’ projects.”

—William A. Taylor
Formerly With Taylor Associates, Inc.
(206) 755-3211, billtaylorv60@gmail.com

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